We have a common area with TV.

The kitchen is fully equipped with a stove, microwave, fridge, tea kettle, free coffee and tea.

We also have Free WiFi. 

Our rules

We have zero tolerance towards:

• Any type of violence
• Use of drugs
• Consumption of alcohol
• Bring in unauthorized persons
• Smoking indoors, outside or near the entrance
• If you are too loud inside or outside the hotel
• Talking on the phone inside the rooms (quiet zone)
• It must be quiet in the hotel between 22:00 and 08:00
• Taking food from the fridges that is not yours
• Not doing the dishes after you in the kitchen
• Good hygiene must be maintained


Your security is important to us and we set the bar high for the requirements regarding fire protection. The public areas are also under camera surveillance for all our guests safety.
When reception is closed, we have a hotline number 24/7.

Bed linen & towels

All beds has one blanket and one pillow.

Bed linen is included without any extra cost.
Towels are included in our private rooms, not our dormitories.
You can rent towels in the reception.

Cleaning of rooms

The guest rooms are cleaned on your arrival and will be cleaned on your departure day.

The rooms will not be cleaned during your stay.

Parking your car

You can find a parking house opposite the hostel behind Ica Supermarket. You can also find parking space on the streets nearby, which it cheaper than the parking house, as long as you follow the rules and times you are allowed to park.